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How To Create A Reliable Mobile Marketing Strategy To Optimize Your SEO?

No matter your website configuration, you should know that Google now favors “friendly” mobile websites in ranking search results. The key is to make your website as easily accessible from a computer as from a smartphone.

However, many websites still need to be adapted to mobile. Although the other search engines do not always work the same way as Google, remember that the latter has a 93% market share of search engines in India. Today, our experts tell you how to build a reliable mobile marketing strategy to optimize your SEO.

The Importance Of A Responsive Website

The “responsive” sites are those which, until today, are the most rewarded by the algorithm of our dear Google. However, the site must also be optimized to improve its natural referencing in the eyes of Google robots.

What Is A Responsive Site?

A responsive plan is an approach to planning a site. Its content then automatically adapts to the screen size you are using. Computers, tablets, and smartphones make your user experience more pleasant regardless of your navigation medium.

How Do You Know If Your Site Is “Responsive”?

To find out whether or not your site is responsive, Google helps you. Indeed, you can do the Google mobile-friendly test. To do this, type in the search engine’s text box “test mobile friendly.” A text box will appear that prompts you to insert your site URL to proceed with the test.

You will then be redirected to a loading page, and then you can finally access the scan results. Problems can be detected by Google, but don’t worry. It could be a misunderstanding by TXT robots. The answer to your test will be in green if Google considers it “Mobile-friendly.” The trick is played; once your site is responsive, you must focus on its SEO optimization.

SEO Optimization Of Your Responsive Site

To best optimize the SEO strategy of your site, you must pay attention to various criteria.

The Presence Of A Call To Action Button

Remember to consider the Importance of the Call To Action button. Indeed, it considerably increases the conversion rate of your site. However, the implementation of a CTA button must also be optimized. You have to :

  1. Space the Call To Action with another clickable button, and learn how to manage your space
  2. Make it accessible with one hand if the user navigates from his smartphone
  3. Make it visible, and give it a different color that will catch the user’s eye
  4. Highlight the desired action with this button. For example: “Buy now.”
  5. Remember that the goal is to entice the user to click on the button, which is nothing more than a “call to action.”

Optimizing Your Loading Time

Since the Google Speed ​​Update in July 2018, the search engine now considers the loading speed of mobile pages, which impacts your SEO. If your website has a rather slow loading speed, it may be disadvantaged by the Google algorithm.

It has also been shown that 40% of users do not stay on a web page if its loading time exceeds 3 seconds. You must then imperatively optimize your website so the loading speed is as fast as possible. One of the key actions to optimize this loading speed is to optimize your visual elements, such as the different images on your site as well as the videos,

The Visibility Of Your JavaScript And CSS Files

As with the previous criterion, making the different files on your site visible is very important. If an image is not displayed in the right way or if it is not displayed at all, the user will prefer to change the page.

To keep the user on your site as long as possible, you must put the odds on your side by optimizing it. In addition, the readability of the different files on your site is crucial for your natural referencing. Also, the robots visiting your site can index it more easily if all the files are readable.

The Placement Of Your Products On Your Website

Finally, remember to place your products above the fold line in the header. Indeed, they will be more accessible and more visible to users. They no longer want to scroll endlessly before finally finding the product category; they like it easily, and you must consider this factor to improve their user experience.


These aspects are real challenges for natural referencing on the various search engines. Your mobile marketing strategy will lead to very good results if it does not contain errors. Optimizing your website for your SEO is a real opportunity to boost your visibility.

Our expert consultants in natural referencing are at your disposal to help you with your technical procedures. Do not hesitate to contact them to discuss with them.

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