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How To Choose Your Smartphone Stabilizer?

Nothing is more pleasant than rewatching films from your vacation. Sports fans also film events that they enjoy watching. But twitching of the hand and body when recording can spoil everything. The image loses sharpness, and some images even then become completely blurred. If you want to make all your videos successful, an accessory has been available to individuals for a few years: the smartphone stabilizer.

What Is A Smartphone Stabilizer?

It is an accessory resembling a clamp equipped with an adjustment ring for inserting a telephone of the smartphone type. Some smartphone stabilizers also specialize in this type of laptop, while others are more versatile. Thus taken and tight, as in a gangue, the phone no longer trembles during video recordings. For the consumer, it is the satisfaction of having a clean result without shaking.

The Best Models Of Stabilizers

DJI Osmo Mobile 3: The Best-Selling Stabilizer

Dji’s smartphone and iPhone stabilizer is a 3-axis device. It allows an almost professional use. Your videos will finally be shake and shake-free, no matter the conditions. It is light and handy and can be easily stored once the video is done. Its intelligent control allows you to focus on your subject because it is easily done on the handle. It is sold with a tripod, which makes you more comfortable.

Better, you can take yourself on video. Practical for preparing your stand-up shows or training sessions. The DJI Osmo Mobile 3 has a sport mode, story, panorama, selfies and zoom. Portrait or landscape lends itself to all fantasies; you can change along the way. It offers a large number of filters and music.

The light dims, not him. Once the video is finished, do you want to post it on social networks? This device does. A tool that lends itself to both individuals and professionals. This stabilizer has a storage pouch, a USB cable, a battery, a tripod, and 4 non-slip stickers. It is guaranteed for one year and compatible with all types of smartphones, including the upcoming iPhone 12.

Advantages Of The Dji Stabilizer

With different modes, foolproof stability and an affordable price, we understand it won over many consumers. The manufacturing is exemplary: quality of materials, assembly, touch and grip! A must-have for all video enthusiasts!


This Osmo Mobile 3 phone stabilizer is only compatible with 16 smartphones, especially the most recent ones; find out before buying so as not to be disappointed.

Hohem iSteady Multi: The Most Versatile

Does having an older phone prevent you from having a stabilizer? Not with this Hohem product. We can only praise its remarkable versatility. Phones, smartphones, GoPro ( some models ), action cameras, and small hybrid and digital cameras accept ( almost ) everything! You will find an exhaustive list of compatible devices on the product sheet. But these benefits do not, of course, stop there.

It is a 3-axis mounted smartphone stabilizer that offers top-notch image stability. It is essential to download the dedicated application to make it work. All controls are at the handle. You’ll even find a low battery indicator, which can be handy. It has the sport mode but can also rotate 600°. What makes you a real filmmaker?

Other modes are still possible. Autonomy on the Hohem iSteady Multi, continuously, is 8 hours before recharging. Has a USB port to transfer videos and recharge the battery ( total recharge time: just over 3 hours ). In addition to the device, you will find a tripod, a micro USB cable, a case, a thumbscrew to fix the different devices, and a notice.

What We Love About The Hohem

It is very easy to use, despite its various functions. The guide is well-designed. Light and handy, it will appeal to both amateurs and professionals.

Check Before Buying

Even if it supports many devices, it is essential to refer to the list given by the manufacturer.

Zhiyun Smooth 4: A Reference

Why pay the high price when you can have a good stabilizer for around 100 euros? No need to constantly use your smartphone; the controls are done directly on this image stabilizer.  Equipped with 3 axes, it offers great beauty services, especially in the timelapse. We can even say that he is a specialist. Hyperlapse and Motionlapse have no secrets for him.

This Zhiyun Smooth 4 smartphone stabilizer, therefore, offers three axes of rotation. Focusing can be done manually. Autonomy level, this device will not let you down in the middle of a concert because it can work up to 12 hours. It even recharges your smartphone so that it is not the latter that fails. 

A doubt, nevertheless? With the emergency charger delivered, you can say that you can face anything. The dial on the camera allows you to focus in an instant but also to zoom. Don’t lose any expression on your face. It is compatible with all brands of smartphones: Apple, Xiaomi, Google smartphones, Samsung, etc. The stabilization accessory includes instructions, a USB-C cable, a storage box and a tripod.

Stabilizer Highlights

Compatibility with all smartphones is a plus. A big strong point that reinforces the low purchase price of the Zhiyun Smooth 4.


Some users find it difficult to understand. Fortunately, if the manual does not help you, you will find tutorials on the net.

How Does A Smartphone Stabilizer Work?

Tightening the device ( telephone, smartphone, camera… ) in a clip with a ring ( containing a ball joint ), the phone stabilizer allows you to be held at arm’s length or just in front of you during the shot. Trigger the recording on the device or remotely to make good quality, shake-free videos. This small accessory is based on the same operation as the Steadicams used in cinema or television. 

The latter comprises an articulated arm and a Gimbal, a part mounted on three axes, allowing total freedom of camera movement. The whole Steadicam is balanced with counterweights. A phone stabilizer works in the same way and allows you to keep a stable image regardless of the movement of your hand.

Ranking Of The Ten Best-Selling Smartphone Stabilizers

[amazon bestseller=”3 axis phone stabilizer” items=”10″ template=”table” orderby=”price” order=”DESC”]

How To Choose Your Smartphone Stabilizer?

Dimensions And Weight

The dimensions are to be considered depending on the device for which the stabilizer is intended. A camera or a GoPro is not the same. Just as a smartphone or another camera are not equal in size. Some stabilizers can lend themselves to different products, making them more versatile.

The weight is especially important if you film a lot. In this sense, opting for lightweight materials is a good choice, but it will sometimes impact the purchase price. On the other hand, if the use is occasional, you can take a less expensive and slightly heavier stabilizer. This will not affect the functionality of the device.


Obviously, if you want to film an entire trek with friends or a concert, autonomy is essential so as not to miss important moments. Many smartphone stabilizers offer 8 hours of operation, which is a good average. But other devices are a step above, with a lifespan of 15 hours before recharging!

Features And Ergonomics

Suppose you want more comfort while recording. You can choose between a stabilizer with two or three axes. The video will be stabilized vertically and horizontally with a two-axis model. Even if the rendering is good, they are reserved for infrequent use. But budding filmmakers, on the other hand, will prefer 3-axis stabilizers. 

These are currently the best-selling, knowing that the prices have fallen considerably. The device then considers the direction, inclination and horizontal for a stabilized video in all conditions. Finding smartphone stabilizers that allow you to perform live is possible. A plus for artists who want to record their performances, for example. Control of the device can then be done remotely. 

Vertigo mode, slow motion, or compatibility with sports activities are all possibilities. If one or more interests you, refer to the device’s product sheet. Regarding ergonomics, it is still a device that ensures that tremors are reduced or even eliminated. It is, therefore, important that it offers a good grip. The handle must at least have a non-slip coating. 

So you won’t let go of the product along the way, even when the weather conditions are unfavourable. In this sense, opting for a stabilizer with a high protection index seems ideal. They are generally made of plastic or carbon fiber, so they do not fear rain. However, be careful with your smartphone.

The Budget

If phone stabilizers were originally intended for professionals ( Steadicam ), they have become more democratic. It is now possible to buy them, even to make amateur films. To do this, the first prices start at a hundred euros. You can then find stabilizers for 120 or 200 euros or even more.

A well-known brand in the audiovisual sector can explain this disparity or very light materials ( carbon fiber) but, moreover, excessively resistant. The number of operating modes, tilt, and rotation can increase prices.

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