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How To Become A Video Maker

The video maker, as the name suggests, is the one who has the task of creating and editing videos for digital and television platforms. It deals with the aspect of television shooting but often also with the graphics, music, sound effects, and other elements to be added in post-production.

It is essential for all types of video production, including feature films, TV shows, commercials, music videos, documentaries, news and sporting events, social media videos, virtual reality experiences, and more.

The beginner’s tool set is relatively inexpensive. As they say, do what you can with what you have, where you are. Just start filming and see what works. Make sure your equipment is a barrier to creating compelling video content. In many cases, it’s also the fact that you’re using the video that impresses people. With some formats like selfies, a little jitter and a low production value can make it more enjoyable to feel natural and personal.

Start With Your Smartphone

We always get this question: “Can’t I just use my smartphone ?”. Absolutely yes. But you’ll get better results if you add accessories like a microphone, lens, or video app.

Smartphones are great for filming social media videos or casual updates.

Positive Aspects Of The Video Made With The Smartphone

  1. You always have your phone at hand so you can seize the moment to make videos
  2. Minimum configuration
  3. Is cheap

Negative Aspects Of Smartphone Video

  1. Limited storage space
  2. A small scratch and the lens is ruined
  3. Equipment and apps are often only compatible with one type of phone
  4. Lack of lenses to create cinematic depth

When shooting with your phone, always use the camera on the back, not the front camera (the one above the screen) – it’s more powerful and will give a clearer picture. And since your lighting equipment is limited, try filming your subjects looking at a natural light source like a window.

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Use A Room

Buy a camera if you want to take it a step further and start making something more professional. A mid-range camera known as a DSLR (short for digital single-lens reflex) with some essential supporting equipment is more versatile than a smartphone, shoots higher quality images, and has more options to suit different lighting situations and environments.

Pros Of DSLR Video:

  1. Versatile
  2. High-quality images
  3. Greater control over lighting and depth of a scene

Downsides Of DSLR Video:

  1. The equipment takes time to install
  2. It definitely won’t fit in your pocket

Intermediate gear is excellent for anything a smartphone or laptop can do, recording interviews, cultural content, and internal communications.

Enhance Audio Using A Microphone

More than the microphone placed on the camera or the phone is often needed. Buy a microphone to be connected via radio or wired, preferably with a sponge against wind and blowing interference.

Learn How To Use Editing Software

The need arises for software to cut your footage into fun and helpful video sequences. But before you go out and buy a license for Adobe Premiere, make sure you need it.

If all you need to do is share your screen for a product demo, you can do it free with QuickTime, which is included on all Macs, or Vidyard’s free Chrome extension. You can do it through your webinar provider if you’re sharing a webinar. But if you need to trim scenes, include subtitles, or add music, you have three options:

  1. iMovie or Windows Movie Maker (free on most computers)
  2. Shortcuts
  3. Power Director

These no-frills options cover most of the basic features. You can trim clips, rearrange scenes, add still images, add audio, create titles and credits, and insert some (very) fundamental transitions and special effects. Otherwise, a free, open-source video editing software we recommend is SHORTCUT.

Otherwise, there is Power Director, which costs 50 euros, a video editing software developed by CyberLink, a company that has been operating in the sector for a long time. Over the years, developers have been able to improvise the software over and over again, making it one of the best video editing software on the market.

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