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How Technology Can Improve Customer Service

Customer experience is one of the main factors a company considers when selling a product or losing a customer. And this is a difficulty that many companies face.

According to Reviewer research, 68% of customers consider service disqualified. However, 77% of companies listen to customer feedback and evaluations, showing concern with the quality of the service.

Technology can be an ally in customer service, helping the company’s sales and loyalty strategies. In this context, we have prepared tooltips for your company to improve customer service.

Why Is Customer Service Important?

Customer service is a way to bring the company closer to the customer directly, increasing interaction between both sides.

On the one hand, this interaction allows the consumer to give an opinion, complaint or suggestion about what the company offers. On the other hand, the company must use the service to discover customers’ expectations about it, enabling loyalty and selling new solutions.

This attention from organizations is proven by the same Review survey, stating that 69% of companies offer personalized service.

How Technology Helps In Care

Technology makes it possible to optimize the quality of care. This is because it helps the company in providing valuable customer information. This information positively influences the service’s quality, enabling better company/customer interaction.

Among the main existing technologies are:

CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

CRM is a tool that stores, integrates and facilitates access to customer information in the same software supplied by company connections. With customer information, it is possible to implement efficient actions to attract customers and help in business management.

In addition to fundraising, the CRM can be useful in loyalty and after-sales actions, carried out in close customer service. 

Cloud Computing (Cloud Computing)

Cloud computing technology can be another ally in storing customer data. Its main reason is the ability to have easy and quick access to information anywhere, in addition to being able to record phone calls. With information and links easily stored, it is easier for managers to make decisions and give feedback and suggestions to their team.


This tool is a robot that simulates the conversation of a human being, and can be very useful on social networks and on the company’s website. This is because the customer is available 24 hours a day to send an opinion. The chatbot does the service and keeps the consumer in touch.

In addition to keeping in touch, chatbots can be useful for resolving basic customer queries, assisting in the sales process and training teams.

Big Data

Big Data software has been a major technological innovation in recent years. Because they help capture, store and analyze huge amounts of information, these tools allow real-time customer monitoring, helping the company in the frequency of interaction.

In addition, Big Data helps the company to find ways to sell more and better to the customer through insights (solutions) that the tool indicates.

Use Technology To Improve Service

Customer service is crucial for companies, as consumer interactions help adopt new sales and loyalty strategies.

To improve the company’s results in customer service, technology can be a great ally. With a CRM, it is possible to have all customer information, helping the team to adopt new sales approaches.

Another software that helps in this process is Big Data. This technology allows for capturing, analyzing and giving ideas for solutions to the company’s problems, enabling efficient feedback and team training.

To access this information easily, cloud computing can be the solution. It allows access to information from anywhere, speeding up decision-making by managers.

In the first contact with the company, chatbots can be the solution. This technology can answer basic customer questions and help in the sales process.

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