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Guide To Optimizing Images For Your E-Commerce

The best business cards for e-commerce are the images of the products on sale: discover all the secrets to optimize them and make your e-commerce professional and captivating in this complete guide. Are you thinking of opening your e-commerce and bringing your business online?

What you may ignore, however, is knowing that the best business card for e-commerce is the images of the products on sale: optimizing the pictures of your site is a best practice that applies to any page and website, from blog to site. An official of a brand. But it is an even better rule when managing an online store since the product’s image is the critical element that convinces a visitor to purchase. Do you want to know what you need, which photos to choose, and how to upload everything correctly? Without haste… one step at a time!

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Why Are Photos Important?

Simple question, even more, straightforward answer: because they have the task of simulating (or at least recreating) the interaction between users and items for sale typical of a physical store. It is no coincidence, therefore, that the care and optimization of images is the fulcrum of online commerce and one of those imperatives that can define the success or failure of a business.

Imagine walking into a supermarket. You have every type of product available. You can touch them, look at them closely and “analyze” every little detail. This is not physically possible on the web, so the images have the task of making up for this lack and must, therefore, be treated in every detail. They aim to attract people’s attention and show them what they will buy “really” looks like, overcoming any mistrust or even resistance to the lever of convenience.

How Do I Choose The Images For My E-Commerce?

The first rule of all: if you want your virtual store to perform well, you must have high-quality photos. So, for obvious reasons, you will need to use photos that can show every single detail of your products; that can be enlarged without losing definition; that can be rotated or offer different perspectives.

In short, you have to choose images that can shorten the distance between buyers and the object for sale. Our advice is to resort to a professional who, using the right tools, will be able to create photos of the highest level.

Another tip: always avoid using stock images available to everyone, which are now present everywhere. In this way, not only will you not attract people to your shop, but you will also make the search engine “nervous.” If you really can’t get photos of your product, call on the manufacturer to send you company photos of the products you are selling. And again: try not to use retouching with graphics programs. Unless you are forced to, the suggestion is to upload high-quality photos but avoid digital tricks. Having qualitatively impeccable materials, then, can be helpful in advertising on various social networks, such as Facebook or Instagram, which is always a great way to make your e-commerce known. Now that you have chosen the most suitable images, we can move on to the next step: take care of the indexing.

Why Is It  Necessary To Talk About SEO?

We have already discussed the importance of SEO in images in this article, but it is worth spending a few words on the subject again. As you already know, putting visual elements on your site or your e-commerce is NEVER just an aesthetic matter. Do you want to sell online? It would help if you were best indexed by the search engine. 

How? Optimizing the SEO of your images. So the next steps are:

  1. Rename the images you are uploading to the site with names related to their content.
  2. ALWAYS add alt tags.
  3. Take care of the size and weight of the picture.
  4. Use the most appropriate format.
  5. Always use photos that are relevant to the context.

Once you have taken these small precautions, you will see that even Google will notice you and your e-commerce, indexing it at its best on the page of the results that matter.

User Experience, A Fundamental Parameter

We just talked about it in the paragraph on SEO, but the weight and size of the photos you upload to your virtual store deserve further study. These, in fact, also affect another fundamental characteristic: the User Experience. As you well know, the speed and responsiveness of your site are fundamental both for indexing and for the permanence of users on its pages. A slow site or site with display defects is the perfect way to give potential customers to the competition.

In this sense, there is only one rule: it is not possible to have unresponsive product sheets or sections that are not displayed correctly. You will therefore have to take good care of it to ensure that people’s stay on your pages is as pleasant as possible. A second detail to consider is the height and width of the photos. There are no standard parameters, but it is advisable to choose dimensions that are in line with the layout of your site and that, of course, can be displayed correctly from mobile and tablet. The suggestion is to test from different devices and organize the images according to how they are displayed while browsing.


At this point, you should have everything you need to optimize the images of your e-commerce. Remember: on the web, originality, respect for the rules, and an active and relevant community count; and it is on these points that you will have to work.Another goal to always keep in mind is to entice people to stay on your site as long as possible; you will therefore have to take better care of the User Experience as it is a fundamental element in the life of web pages. Now that you understand these “simple” tricks well, you must start working seriously on your virtual store.

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