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Google One VPN Is Open To All Users: What It Is And How It Works

Google announces that its VPN service is available to all subscribers of any One plan, including the cheaper Basic plan. If you are a Google user, you will certainly be in a condition where the available cloud space is no longer enough. Google One is primarily a service that allows you to extend the space available for storing photos and videos, emails, files, etc.

With Google One, users can purchase additional storage space for their accounts in addition to the free storage already available (typically 15GB for free accounts). For example, if you use Google Photos to back up images and videos saved in your smartphone’s gallery, 15 GB is a little: we have seen how to free up space for Google Photos and optimize the storage of your data in the cloud.

In some cases, however, these activities may not be enough, and it makes sense to evaluate the purchase of a Google One subscription plan. Google just announced some new implementations of the plans that provide more storage space for backing up your files, photos and videos. Alongside the “increased cloud space”, Google One offers other services, including a VPN that can be activated on request by users.

What Is Google VPN, And How Does It Work

Google One VPN is an additional service that the company founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin makes available as part of the Google One package. Like other third-party VPN ( Virtual Private Network ) services, Google allows users to protect their online privacy and security.

It passes Internet traffic (not just the Web) through an encrypted tunnel. Therefore, the IP address detected by the remote hosts is no longer the real one assigned to the user’s device by the telecommunications operator. The Google VPN then changes the user’s geographic location and hides the public IP address they are using.

The novelty is that access to the VPN now becomes available for all Google One plans, including the cheapest one (100 GB Basic and 19.99 euro annual fee), which had previously been excluded from the initiative. Google confirms this with a post published on the Indian blog: “Starting today, and in the coming weeks, we are expanding access to the VPN to all Google One members, including the Basic plan (…). You can also share the VPN

with a maximum of 5 people if the Google One plan, and therefore the cloud space, is shared with one’s family group. Google One subscribers then need to update the Android app of the same name, launch it, tap the benefits icon at the bottom, and then select Google VPN, confirming service activation when necessary.

If the VPN service is not yet available on your Google One account, you need to wait a few days: the company notes that it could take a few weeks for the new feature to be enabled for all users. In the future, Google One will also inform users of the possible publication of their data on the dark Web, for example, following a cyber attack suffered by the services they use.

Disadvantages Of Google VPN

Although Google has independently audited its services, many users may argue that the VPN could become another tool to collect information about user activities. Google has also released the sources of a series of libraries that underpin how the VPN works on GitHub. At the moment, it is not possible to select the country of exit: since the VPN service selects the server physically closest to the user, the Google VPN cannot be used to overcome geographical limitations.

While there are also versions of the VPN client for Android, iOS, Windows, and macOS, the green robot’s mobile release is more complete. For example, Google technicians have installed the famous kill switch on Android, which automatically turns off the Internet connection if the connection with the VPN server fails. There is also the split tunneling function to determine which applications should or should not pass their data through the VPN tunnel.

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