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Gamification + Marketing Strategy: Does This Account Close?

Our answer is clear: yes! But more is needed to think that the manual is ready and that everyone uses gamification the same because it is successful. You have to go deep to win. And that’s what you will do now by diving into our complete guide.


Well, well… the popularization of the internet and constant technological advances have given rise to a new consumer profile. One who accumulates great knowledge about the markets and products of interest and is not enchanted by just anything. But we imagine that he is not telling you any news so far.

Another thing you already know well is that achieving customer engagement in such a competitive market is a challenge many are trying to overcome.

It is now that we want to tell you the secret. Betting on a true and relaxed interaction is the path that will give you the expected answers. And gamification is among the most promising techniques to guarantee great returns.

Okay, we’ve already shown you what the argument is here. And now, you will continue with us to understand how this strategy will add value to your communication campaigns. Check out the tips we prepared to make you rethink your business.

Gamification Has Concept

The concept of gamification speaks of aligning a company’s communication strategy with the dynamics of games. The idea is to form a playful environment, applying competition elements, rules, and scores to interact with the target audience.

It is a technique that gained popularity in games from 2010 onwards, but marketers soon saw great campaign potential. Let’s agree that it is easier to generate motivation and engagement when people are instigated to perform certain tasks in exchange for rewards. Are you going to say no?

With gamification, the company establishes contact with its audience without interruptions and, best of all, without being invasive. Thus, actions are more effective.

Furthermore, as she directly connects with technology and the digital universe, this is a sure-fire approach to connecting with the younger generations.

Much More Than An Isolated Strategy

Gamification can be used in several areas, and its presence stands out in marketing. Creativity is necessary to generate engagement and loyalty, and social networks are great spaces to develop this strategy.

For small and medium-sized businesses, implementing a website or application based on gamification techniques is an important part of capturing an audience from the first contact.

But the tendency is for this potential to be expanded to other sectors. In human resources, the concept of games can be applied to:

  • cultivate talents
  • improve the organizational climate
  • increase team productivity

It can then be applied to recruitment and selection processes to periodic performance evaluations.

Gamification has also been conquering space in strategies for more restricted audiences, that is, those developed to solve specific problems. Just think of a fitness app.

Even if the company deals with a more niche audience, the campaign’s effect is still strong. On the contrary! It’s quite impactful, as this group’s people want high-added content.

Still, trying to visualize how this works in practice? Check out a real and successful example below!

Target Shows You What Gamification Is

The site loysci.com reported that the famous US store Target implemented experience marketing strategies focused on selling toys for the end-of-year festivities — it was a Christmas wish list.

It worked like this: the company combined gamification and technology so that children could create an interactive wish list. In the game, developed in 3D, they walked around a toy factory — Target Toy Factory —, chose their favorite items, and inserted them into a wish list that would be sent directly to Santa Claus. 

The idea was to ensure that children had fun choosing their gifts, and parents or relatives could create an easy list of options for the moment of purchase.

And now comes the time to choose the players

Before implementing any gamification idea in the company, some details need to be analyzed. They will make all the difference in the strategy’s success and sales.

Do you know why? Applying this concept aims to solve problems preventing obtaining the best performance in the commercialization of products or services.

Your job here is to investigate questions such as:

  • total monthly sales
  • customer engagement with content
  • rate of decline in monthly sales
  • percentage of customers who look for the brand on their own
  • number of people who return after their first purchase

Also, recruit your sales team and do a thorough search in the files of contracts and sales notes performed to answer each of the topics above.

Next, follow the essential factors to define the type of gamification that works well with your company.

Assess The Weaknesses

After understanding the concept of gamification in companies and evaluating the results of the sales sector of your business in recent months, you will probably see the strengths and weaknesses of the process.

That will help shape the game to supply exactly what customers miss most and optimize sales teams’ chances of closing more deals. If you apply the technique without any planning, it will not significantly impact the public.

Understand Your Goals With Business Gamification

When creating marketing strategies, first of all, it is important to define the interests behind each one of them. And when it comes to a gamification game, the process is the same.

Targeting efforts will have a purpose if a company is new to the market and seeks to become better known. But if the goal is to achieve high performance in sales, the focus will be completely different.

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