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Five Ways To Ask For Reviews From Customers Without Sounding Intrusive

Receiving customer reviews is essential; once you get them, you need to make them pay off to the fullest. Here’s how to ask for reviews with some effective yet unobtrusive ways and phrases.

One of the best ways to increase the online reputation of a brand or business is to get good reviews from customers. If you have any doubts, look at the data from the many research types showing the importance of studies in influencing decisions. For example, according to Capterra, 90% of Italian consumers read online reviews before making a purchase.

In fact, what can be more effective than a personal recommendation, perhaps from someone you know? There is no question of effectiveness, but the problem is that not all customers leave a review spontaneously. On the other hand, asking them directly might seem strange and give the impression that you are begging for something from them. Fortunately, there are ways to ask for customer reviews without seeming intrusive towards them – here are five.

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Ask For The Review In Moments Of Maximum Satisfaction

One of the best times to ask for reviews is after the project with the client. This is because it is reached precisely when he is most satisfied with the collaboration. So immediately after sending him the work, you can attach a questionnaire to fill out that concerns the product but also the relationship established with the company.

None of the customers will find it strange to answer any questions at this point in the partnership.

Take Advantage Of What Customers Say

It is not uncommon to receive appreciation and exciting feedback from customers, in a completely spontaneous way, through emails, messages, or even on social media. You need to get the person’s permission to turn their appreciation into a testimonial posted on the site. The important thing is to get the approval of the person who wrote them. Otherwise, you could run into privacy problems. And today, privacy is not a joke.

Make Small Videos During Appointments

In speed, even a video made with a smartphone can be transformed into an honest review. It often happens to meet clients to discuss active projects, and during one of these meetings, you can ask them to tell in front of the camera (the phone is fine) how interesting it is to work with you. Or, immediately after receiving compliments from a customer, you can ask if it’s a problem to repeat the same things in front of the camera. Obviously, in both cases, people need to be informed about the distribution and use of the video and have them sign a consent to do so.

Offer A Review Exchange

It is common to work with a client and then become a client. In these cases, the excellent idea is to ask for an exchange of reviews.

A note: do not make the mistake of saying that you will only leave your comment if the other does in turn. Take a more constructive approach by saying that you have already left a review on his site, and then we encourage him to do the same.

Another necessary note: ask for reviews only from companies that have used your products. The exact opposite is unethical; if it were to come to the surface, it could even be counterproductive.

Support The Request With A Compliment

Asking for a review, even directly, is not something strange or embarrassing; it becomes when we make it that way. Indeed the biggest problem is getting started and breaking the ice. An effective way to remove embarrassment is, to begin with, a compliment.

Sample Sentences For Asking For Reviews

Here are some phrases that can help you ask for reviews backed up by a compliment: Respond to a customer’s appreciation, saying, “Thank you, and your compliments make me happy. Would you like to share them with others too? These comments help my business grow. “

Expressions of this kind bring the client closer to the purpose and, above all, express gratitude.

Now that you know how to ask for customer reviews without embarrassment get ready to include them in our marketing tools.

You can use them on site pages, contacts, blog posts, and social media campaigns. Over time, the reviews will have a particular impact on the business, increasing conversions and decreasing the time between the first meeting and the conclusion of the contract. Those who read them and become a customer will be even more encouraged to leave them spontaneously, generating a virtuous circle that will significantly benefit the reputation of your business.

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