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Five Advantages Of Outsourcing The Press Office In IT Companies

Part of the communication department is dedicated to dealing with the specialized media, strengthening this relationship to create spontaneous dissemination. We are talking about the press office, which benefits marketing, enhances the organization’s brand and even helps to manage eventual crises.But why can outsourcing this service be so interesting for IT companies? That’s precisely what we’ll show you in this particular post.

We have gathered here the five main advantages of outsourcing your IT company’s press office, detailing what changes about the work done in-house. Check out!

More Efficient Communication Strategy

The work of the press office depends, among other things, on three basic requirements: technical knowledge of the press office, the market in which the company operates and an in-depth understanding of the work of the company itself.

Training in journalism or public relations, the most common for those working in this area, certainly provides the basis for mastering the first two requirements. However, the point is that the IT market has a series of particularities that require the team to acquire the necessary knowledge.

In this sense, outsourcing the press office to a company specialized in IT puts professionals with more experience in the sector at your side. They are better prepared to promote their solutions to the most appropriate media channels.

If your company works with Artificial Intelligence, Business Intelligence, Machine Learning, Analytics or other technology, this will not be an obstacle to advise. If the service is an IT outsourcing, the same is true.

In general, the communication strategy is more efficient because the advisory analyzes in depth what your company does and the market environment in which it operates; advisors identify the most suitable channels to strengthen ties; the company’s image is promoted by valuing the differentials that the technologies represent.

It is worth noting, for example, that this means differentiating media with a B2C focus — to promote spontaneous dissemination of the software you sell — or B2B — to strengthen your values ​​and services among corporate customers, partners, etc.

Optimization Of Your Time

Having someone familiar with IT increases spontaneous disclosure, but outsourcing is not the only benefit. As the responsibility for this strategy is transferred to the advisory, you gain time to focus on your company’s main activity – the so-called core business –.

For example, the preparation of press releases and press kits is done with more independence. Your only role in the process will be approving highly relevant materials or meetings to align objectives. You feel more relaxed and gain time to manage the business.

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Data-Driven Work

A benefit that often goes unnoticed is the infrastructure available for the work of the external advisor. While an in-house team depends exclusively on your investment to build your work strategy, the outsourced advisor has the company’s infrastructure and resources.

This means, for example, more market experience, knowledge about different strategies already adopted by other clients, and a more prosperous network of contacts, among other benefits. From a broader point of view, this also allows for data-driven work—something that those working in IT know very well how advantageous it is.

Market research by those who provide press relations services gives these companies a deeper understanding of the sector’s scenario. Contacts with specialized media are strengthened more frequently, shortcuts are created, and problem-solving tends to be more agile.

The digital solutions used by the consultancy are more affordable for those who use these resources to serve different clients. Still, it is worth noting that this does not mean you cannot count on an exclusive advisor for your company. This brings us to the next highlight.

Cost Reduction

Analyzing the cost of a strategy is essential for any decision made in the company — and in the case of outsourcing the press office, the outlook is positive. While in-house staff represents a cost that is not always put to good use, hiring experts allows you to adjust the price to exactly what you need.

Small and medium-sized companies, for example, cannot give up advice; however, the cost of a professional can weigh on the budget, considering the small demand for work. In this case, outsourcing is a low-cost, high-return solution.

Even in the case of larger companies, the balance is positive. You negotiate directly with the consultancy what your company’s demand is and have a focused team, if necessary. Software and other resources are the responsibility of the contracted company, which means that you also leave aside the need to invest in them.

In short, it is a flexible service that adapts to your demands to save your investment.

Aligned Marketing And Advisory

The press office is much more efficient when it cooperates with marketing. Another advantage has a team by your side ready to align the communication strategy around the same goals.

The materials produced by the consultancy, for example, benefit from SEO optimization, linking to specialized media articles and the intelligent use of keywords. Thus, the contents reach a more qualified audience and gain organic momentum from these identical communication vehicles.

On the other hand, marketing can reuse the materials produced for the press to build the company’s authority in the market. In other words, communication is integrated to work towards business goals.

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