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Facebook: One More Step Towards Interoperability Of Its Messaging Systems?

It is at all discretion that Facebook has made this new change in the settings of its application, Messenger. From now on, you will need a Facebook account to access the American company’s instant messaging service. Your SMO agency will tell you about this new measure’s consequences and potential challenges.

“Simplify The Process.”

For a few days, creating an account on the Facebook instant messaging application is no longer possible, only with a telephone number. To everyone’s surprise, Facebook had not communicated beforehand about this novelty. However, users of Messenger without Facebook accounts claimed to have had problems logging in following this change.

They would have been victims of an account restriction while the American giant declared not to disturb them. From now on, you must have a Facebook account. According to the American giant, users who registered with their phone number before this update will obviously not be affected. Facebook has offered this possibility for more than four years.

A Project Far From Unanimous

Take Advantage Of WhatsApp Encryption

So this decision by the American giant raises questions. Is this just another way to collect more and more data? Or is this the beginning of a merger of its messaging systems? Or both? This new Facebook measure is certainly neither trivial nor thoughtless. It does not only benefit the user, as claimed by the social network.

A few months ago, we already mentioned the possibility of interoperability between Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram. And this registration requirement may portend the start of this merger of the instant messaging companies of the CEO of Facebook. It’s an idea he publicly mentioned last March and a project that his teams must spend a lot of time on. The primary idea was to benefit from the encryption and privacy of WhatsApp. The CEO of Facebook wants messages to be encrypted end-to-end on all of its applications.

Internal Discord

So this project was not unanimous within the Facebook group. Indeed, the latter saw the co-founders of Instagram leave the ship when the idea of ​​interoperability became more concrete. In addition, Jan Koum, co-founder of WhatsApp, packed his bags because he did not have the same positions as Facebook when using personal data. 

We can then remember that at the time of buying WhatsApp and Instagram CEO had affirmed that he wanted to preserve the independence of the latter… But, last November, the two companies had seen the Californian firm associate themselves with their name with this “from Facebook” in the colors of the applications in question. The will of the American giant was to show that it was the owner. An idea was inconsistent with his original intentions.

What To Remember?

Facebook has rolled out its system, which requires new users of its instant messaging service to have a Facebook account. Having acted in the shadows, the Silicon Valley company claimed to act in the user’s interests.

However, one can wonder about the intentions of FB CEO with the unification of its three messaging systems, all with more than 1 billion active users each month, planned for 2020; one can see big things with this project regarding data collected and announcements. 

Despite the competition and controversies surrounding it, Facebook manages to remain a safe bet. A well-orchestrated digital strategy will allow you to achieve different objectives. So don’t hesitate to get in touch with your SMO agency! Its experts can give you valuable advice and optimize your performance.

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