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Examples Of How Artificial Intelligence Is Used In Business

Production Inspection

Incorporating Artificial Intelligence into product inspection work will allow the work to proceed quickly without mistakes. When people inspect products visually or manually, there is a high possibility that they will lose their concentration and make mistakes.

It is a part that I would like to fix to avoid losing the image and trust of the company. To eliminate human errors, assigning a large number of employees is necessary, but that would result in high labor costs. AI continues to move according to instructions, so it checks quickly without making mistakes.

For example, we have implemented a system that takes pictures of vegetables flowing on the line with a camera, distinguishes between good and bad products, and sorts them.

Analysis Of User Data

It is also possible to analyze AI based on user data registered in each service. Therefore, human analysis requires human resources and time when improving services and functions based on customer information.

On the other hand, Artificial Intelligence can analyze customer purchase data, etc., and introduce the most suitable products to each user, leading to service improvement and analysis support with Artificial Intelligence.

Retail Store Sales Forecast

Sales forecasts for retail stores can also be examined with AI.

Retail stores conduct limited-time campaigns to reduce prices and improve the ability to attract customers.

When calculating sales from a campaign, we tend to base it solely on the rep’s experience.

With AI, it is possible to analyze past data and quickly and accurately analyze forecasts.

When analyzing sales forecasts, it is necessary to analyze past sales, markets, products, and many other data, so it isn’t easy for people to do it.

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Customer Correspondence

AI is also useful for customer support and is one field where AI is currently progressing. AI can respond to customers in various situations, such as online inquiries, phone calls, and customer service.

When inquiring online, a mechanism has been introduced to automatically display the answer to the question in a chat format. When answering the phone, AI can speak instead and respond with an artificial voice.

At the counter, instead of responding manually, it is possible to set up a tablet and respond by customer input. Inquiries and calls are available 24 hours a day, so no prank calls or asking the same questions take up valuable time. It eliminates the need for direct human intervention.


Some companies are using AI to recruit human resources. When many entry sheets are sent annually, it would be a problem if people read them. Therefore, it is very efficient to use AI to determine pass/fail, and it is possible to detect not only time but also fraudulent copying and pasting of past entry sheets.

Recently, there have been companies that leave the interview itself to AI. It is a mechanism to listen to the voice prepared by the company from a smartphone, tablet, or computer and answer the question. It is possible to prevent interviewers from hiring little ideas such as academic background and grades, and you can expect a fair interview.

We can deal with the loss of talented people, and since we can respond 24 hours a day, we can also respond to overseas applicants from different time zones. With AI, it is also attractive to expect fair recruitment regardless of time.


Robots equipped with AI are active in agriculture. Agriculture is facing a severe labor shortage and an aging population. The introduction of AI can make up for the labor shortage.

Young people are more suitable for learning and operating AI, and physical labor will be less than before, so we can expect to solve the labor shortage. When harvesting crops, it is a technology that can determine whether they can be harvested by taking pictures of the crops.

There is also a means to shoot from the sky with a drone and analyze the image with AI, and it may be possible to supplement with AI in agriculture.

Terminal Assistant Function

The assistant function by AI is also evolving day by day. The assistant function is a mechanism that works by voice recognition. A familiar example is “Siri” and “Google Assistant” installed in smartphones.

Currently, there are already things that can be operated by voice, such as TVs and air conditioners. Voice writing is faster than typing by hand, and it saves time.

Robots used in nursing care and agriculture are more efficient to operate by speaking. It is easier to operate by voice than by hand.

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