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Discover the nine main Metaverse Currencies And Learn How To Invest In Them!

Two subjects often talked about these days are cryptocurrency investing and the emergence of the Metaverse. But what if I told you that these two innovations are related? This is possible thanks to the creation of Metaverse Coins.

These digital assets are used for trading within the virtual reality of the Metaverse. In addition, these coins have been standing out for reaching unprecedented valuations within the cryptocurrency market.

What Are Metaverse Coins?

To understand what Metaverse Coins are and how they work, it is essential to understand the meaning of Metaverse. Such refers to a virtual environment in which it is possible to simulate the integration of spaces in augmented reality, that is, in 3 dimensions.

In this way, Metaverse coins work similarly to money in the real world since such coins are used to purchase products and services within the 3D Metaverse universe.

Thus, these coins have the cryptocurrency token to enable avatars to acquire goods and titles within virtual reality. This application attracted the attention of several brands, such as Microsoft, Nike, and Adidas.

It is also worth mentioning that the Meta Group, which refers to the recent name of Facebook, is a platform among the leading investors within Metaverso. Therefore, all this interest can be used as a justification for the great appreciation that these currencies have historically had.

Very interesting. So, be sure to understand more details about the main points of advantages and disadvantages of investing in these tokens in the following topic!

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Metaverse Coins

When it comes to Metaverse Coins, we can highlight both advantages and disadvantages of handling them. Given this, it is essential to know both sides to assess whether or not it is worth investing in.

First, one of the most significant advantages of these currencies is the excellent possibility of appreciation of their value due to the history of unusual valuations of these assets.

To exemplify this, in 2021, a Metaverse Coin reached an unprecedented appreciation of 52,000%, which was a positive surprise for many investors.

Thus, another advantage of Metaverse tokens is the attraction of large companies that it provides. Therefore, it is an excellent opportunity for investors to earn good profits.

Despite this, one of the main disadvantages is the rapid fluctuation of values. The user can have significant unexpected losses, which is why research and history monitoring are so important.

Now that you know what Metaverse Coins are and their main positive and negative characteristics, it’s time to find out what the main ones are! So, check out the details below.

What Are The Main Currencies Used In The Metaverse?

There are many currencies in the Metaverse, but some stand out for their history of appreciation and applicability. So, check out the main ones:


Polygon is Matic’s currency and is widely used on the Ethereum network, OpenSea, and the NFT Tal brand; it is operated from a scalable Blockchain and has recently appreciated by around 15,000% in months.

Yield Guild Games

Yield Guild Games, also known as YGG, is used in decentralized applications, thus having non-fungible tokens. The purpose of this use is to create a sizable virtual economy worldwide.

UFO Gaming

This currency works within the Play-to-Learn model, offering rewards to players. The UFO is also based on the DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations) model, and its valuation has reached up to 100%.


The Sand is The Sandbox’s currency that uses the Ethereum Blockchain. In this way, it is responsible for trading experiences, allowing users to place bets, transfers, and buy and sell within games.

It is also worth mentioning that this cryptocurrency has already reached an appreciation of 750% in one month.


Mana is Decentral’s currency and has a governance token, which aims to stimulate decision-making within a project. With this, it is possible to carry out commercial transactions. In addition, it has already appreciated by about 284%.


This is a record on the public blockchain that is part of the My Neighbor Alice game, a multiplayer game. Thus, the Alice coin has already received an appreciation of 30,000%.


Theta coin is part of Peer-to-peer (P2P) content, which aims to carry out transactions and financial tasks. It is also worth mentioning that its valuation was approximately 136%.

Enjin Coin

Enj is the currency created by the Enjin company, which aims to create items within the game’s virtual universe. Furthermore, it is estimated that its valuation was around 150%.


Loopring is focused on making sales possible quickly and at a low cost, representing the decentralization of finance. It is also worth mentioning that its appreciation percentage was around 271%.

Given this, you already have the prior knowledge to enter the world of Metaverse coins. So check out investment tips to get exponential results in this niche.

How To Invest In Metaverse Coins!

Finally, check out our super tips on how to improve your investment in Metaverso cryptocurrencies, see:

Do Consistent Research On The Subject

The first step to start any investment well is to study the subject. Therefore, understanding how the Metaverse Coins work and analyzing the history of each one, the privacy policy, and other implications is essential.

This way, knowledge on the subject can be used to make more consistent decisions, which is essential for a good investment.

Look For Companies That Specialize In The Subject

To assist in cryptocurrency investment, it is interesting to contact companies that offer specialized services in this type of investment. In this way, trained professionals will guide you, increasing your chances of success.

Follow The Main Trends

Being up to date with the leading trends within the world of cryptocurrencies, such as the bitcoin market, is a prerequisite for successful investments in this niche. Thus, it is essential to monitor the events that may influence the behavior and valuation of these assets.

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