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Digital Notepad: Top 5 Of The Best Models

The notepad is one of the timeless and essential accessories for professionals and students. It especially helps to stay organized and to engrave important ideas. With the advancement of technology, you can now turn to digital notepads. They are easy to use, less bulky, and more efficient. Here are the top 5 of the best models on the market.

Onyx Boox Note Air 2 Plus

Onyx Boox Note Aire 2 Plus is a versatile, open, and flexible tablet. It incorporates a powerful processor that allows you to perform multiple tasks simultaneously. It offers a very realistic user experience, almost like using a pencil on paper. This tablet has a large 10.3-inch e-ink display. The latter is covered with a protective film, which in contact with the stylus, imitates the sound of the friction of the paper. Its screen has been specially designed to preserve your eye health, even if you opt for prolonged use.

Indeed, this tablet has a dual-temperature lighting system that is adjustable as desired. It is a robust and reliable material since its body is made of aluminum. It is accompanied by two styluses: the Boox Pen, its basic accessory, and the Boox Pen 2 Pro, an optional accessory that incorporates an eraser if needed. Both styluses don’t need a battery to work; they draw the energy they need from the screen. The Onyx Boox Note Air 2 Plus is easy to pick up, but the setup is quite complicated. Note that you can install other applications if necessary.

Amazon Kindle Scribe

Kindle is often known for its e-reader function, but the model intended for Note taking has recently emerged. The Amazon Kindle Scribe has a great, clean, yet stylish design. It is thin and light so that it can accompany you anywhere. It’s a large format reader, so it makes it easy to read manga and PDF files.The Amazon Kindle Scribe eReader was designed to be easy to use. It is easy to hold and handle, especially since the configurations are easy to access.

But one of its strengths is, above all, its titanic autonomy. It allows you to read or take notes for three months if the tasks could be more energy intensive. However, it needs to be given a full charge, and it needs to be plugged in for at least 7 hours. It is also a sturdy notepad with an aluminum body. It has a 10.2-inch screen with a resolution of 300 dpi. Its screen is electronic ink, and it is 100% tactile.

Onyx Boox Nova Air Color

The Onyx Boox Nova Air Color benefits eye health as it comes with warm and cool lights. Both types of lights are adjustable to provide the comfort your eyes need. Warm lights are perfect for making reading enjoyable at night.

As for the cold lighting, it is perfect for reading in direct sunlight and outdoors. Thanks to its two quality speakers, the Onyx Boox Nova Air Color tablet is well-suited for streaming enthusiasts. It also allows you to listen to stories; you have to activate the voice synthesis.

Its E-ink color screen can display color content such as graphics or highlighted figures. You can also take colored notes to highlight key ideas. It’s practical since the wide variety of colors reduces eye strain. It also facilitates the classification of your documents since each color can be associated with a specific document. The Onyx Boox Nova Air tablet can be used well with other applications than those already integrated. Just install and then activate the Play Store to get the apps you need.

Wacom Bamboo Slate Smartpad

The Wacom Bamboo Slate Smartpad digital notepad has the advantage of being simple, efficient, and powerful. It can digitize all your notes with the drawings that must accompany them. Then, the files are sent to your Smartphone or to your Cloud (Dropbox, EverNote, One Note, etc.). You can transfer your notes, sketches, and ideas in JPG, PDF, PNG, or WILL format.

The stylus that comes with it works automatically and doesn’t need to be powered. The only problem is that it is the only stylus that is compatible with it. However, it is quite wide, even if it offers a pleasant touch. Moreover, the tablet is quite heavy since it weighs 500 g. It is more practical for home use, although you can still consider taking it on a trip.

Note-taking is very easy with the Wacom Bamboo Slate Smartpad. Just turn it on by pressing the start button and then write your notes. To change pages, press the same button again.

This tablet has a powerful memory, capable of storing 100 pages. It allows you to accumulate all your notes without fear of scattering them.

Kobo Elipsa

The Kobo Elipsa tablet has a large 10.3-inch screen. This makes it easier to read and take notes. Thanks to its XXL format, this tablet is versatile in use. Indeed, it allows me to take notes, write on a PDF, and read electronic books. The accompanying stylus is dedicated to taking handwritten notes. Moreover, this stylus and the large screen give you the impression of writing on real paper.

However, the Kobo Elipsa multifunction tablet is quite heavy, with 383 grams. In addition, the protective case supplied with comes to expand this weight. With the stylus, the total weight will reach 750 grams, which is far from light to carry. In terms of finish and design, this notepad is all plastic, but it looks good. Its plastic body makes it easier to grip since it is not likely to slip.

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