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Customer Onboarding: What Is It And Why Do It?

Learn how to guide a new customer to use your product for better results. Customer onboarding will define your customers’ relationship with the products and help them make the best choices.

What Is Customer Onboarding?

Onboarding is the after-sales service that helps new customers feel confident with your products. A well-resolved process, with tutorials and support, seeks solutions and success for the customer. 

In general, customer onboarding is implementation-oriented to guide the new customer to use the new product. 

An example: A person buys a product, and at first, he is enthusiastic. She wants to move around and understand its features, but she may need help understanding how it works and creates some barriers. Soon she may abandon him. 

Otherwise, if there is more information about the product, she will be able to enjoy it more and be satisfied. Guidance can be face-to-face, through meetings, materials, online, articles, manuals, and videos, among various instructions that make people’s lives easier. 

Finally, the most important thing is to show consumers that working with technology brings practicality to their routine. Show how these tools are helpful in everyday life. 

Importance Of Customer Onboarding

How you interact with your customers will set the tone for your relationship directly with your customers. 

Onboarding expands customer lifetime value by reducing customer churn. He does a fascinating phenomenon: turning customers into brand ambassadors and making customers more loyal.

By understanding the use of answers to achieve success, consumers see the solution you provide as the main thing for their business, attesting to loyalty. 

In addition, structured onboarding ensures a great customer experience. This aspect is essential to guarantee new users for new indications.

Top Ways To Onboard 

Properly Guide: 

User success depends on you. So show the way, present more complex software or products, where understanding is more complicated. Educate him on how to ensure his success and increase product sales. 

Make The Technical Setup: 

Customer onboarding is often used for technical cases in need of professional assistance. So many barriers are lost.

Achieve A First Value: 

A satisfied customer elevates the brand. Onboarding needs quick results, even small ones. The initial result is called the first value, which will give the “kick” for your client to evolve. 

Proximity To The Company: 

Strengthening your customer’s relationship with the company is super important; you can do this by accompanying your user. This follow-up can be online or face-to-face, in whatever way is most appropriate. This way, the consumer will have contact if they need to appeal.

Drive The Customer To Success: 

In addition to the first value, customer onboarding needs to be organized to clarify the customer’s steps. This way, engagement stays the same after follow-up. Knowing that the implementation has defined and clear steps for success is essential.

How To Implement The Customer Onboarding Process?

One study showed that 63% of customers said after-sales support is crucial when choosing a new product.

Here are some tips to incorporate into your customer onboarding process.

Send A Welcome Email

Step number one will be to send the customer an email with a positive, welcoming message. In this email, you can congratulate them on purchasing the product, thank them, and show them how they are part of the journey. 

Send A Greeting Message

Unlike email, the proposal congratulates the customer for accessing the app or tool. An important tip is to ask him to turn on your email notifications and do actions like changing your password. You can create explainer videos. 

Product Configuration

Put your head to work; now is the time for practice. You can create tutorials that will help the customer with this function. These contents must be small and precise, do not force the consumer to read, and people are familiar with the technologies. 

Help Your Customer Fill In The Forms

Often the customer needs to fill out a form. There is a lot of data that they need to enter. Make an educational tutorial explaining the details to make it easier. Add a button for the consumer to contact you, so you can clear all doubts and help them. He will know ​​how his business was made to serve him better. 

Build A Knowledge Base 

In a way, the knowledge base stores information about the product with a certain amount of security. The exciting thing is that the content is made in several ways. The most common is done in videos, tutorials, infographics, articles and even e-books.

When there is doubt, access the knowledge base to remedy it. Another tip is to have a customer service chatbot to solve problems. 

Celebrate Customer Achievements

Celebrating achievements is essential. This makes them more excited, helps them engage, and ends up helping them buy more products. These celebrations can be via in-app notifications, emails or even quick calls. A satisfied customer who feels special will be better brand engagement.

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