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Create A Personalized LinkedIn Profile

To optimize your LinkedIn profile, you need to customize it in every part and take advantage of every element to communicate your professionalism

LinkedIn is the social network that allows you to expand your network of business contacts, showcase your skills and knowledge, find new valid collaborators, seize critical professional opportunities, and do personal branding. To exploit the platform to its full potential and achieve the goals you have set for yourself, you need to create quality content and customize your profile in the best possible way.

There are many aspects that, through a well-groomed profile, can be highlighted: work experiences, one’s training path, goals achieved over time, one’s publications, and much more.

LinkedIn: How To Create A Profile On The Platform

  • Web users can register with LinkedIn and create their profile through a quick guided procedure. Go to the site and enter the required data, such as email address, telephone number, and password chosen to log in.
  • The LinkedIn profile is an actual business card, where everything the professional beliefs are essential to let other users know is displayed. It is set up with your first and last name and contains personal information. It is different from the company page, which helps promote the activity of companies and brands. 
  • After creating a LinkedIn profile, for it to be effective, every element must be optimized. In addition to your name, your professional profile must also be clear. It is good to use keywords that will allow other users to find what they are looking for when they need to. 

Compelling LinkedIn Profiles: Choosing The Right Photo

  • Choosing the right photo for your LinkedIn profile is extremely important. It is the element that immediately catches visitors’ eye, allowing the user to establish first contact with his audience and make a good impression on them.
  • The photo must show who we are. It must be of good quality, well-lit, and recognizable. You must avoid old shots, unprofessional poses, distant images, group images, and selfies. Choosing pictures in which the subject is immortalized in a working context is advisable.
  • The face must be in the foreground, without accessories that could divert the viewer’s attention, such as sunglasses or hats. The background should be a neutral, uniform, and light color. The facial expression must convey serenity and professionalism.

How To Create A Perfect And Captivating Summary

  • The table of contents (or headline ) is a space just below the first and last name. All those who read a user’s post on the LinkedIn home page and in search engine results display it. It must be used to make one’s role and qualifications understood.
  • A maximum of 220 characters can be used to fill the table of contents. You can make it more eye-catching by adding a slogan that can grab the attention of people who read it. It is good to use specific keywords that increase the chances of viewing the profile.

Work And Personal Experiences: How To Value Them On LinkedIn

  • The LinkedIn work experience section is most viewed by recruiters and those looking for new collaborators. Just as with paper curricula, it is a good idea to insert only the significant activities inherent to the current profession and relevant to the objectives to be achieved.
  • To make the most of them, it is advisable always to add a description, albeit optional, and highlight the tasks performed, the skills implemented, and the lessons learned from completed projects. To enrich the section, you can include media, such as files, photos, sites, presentations, and videos that document your business.

Give Importance To Your Study Path

  • In the space dedicated to training, it is possible to insert the academic path, emphasizing the most recent and relevant activities for one’s profession. For degrees, it is advisable to enter your grade, a brief description of the course attended, and an indication of your thesis, wildly if experimental.
  • If present, the licenses and certifications obtained can be added, indicating the exact name, the issuing organization, and the date of granting. It is good to list only those that are valid and important for your role.

Leverage The Summary To Achieve Your Goals

  • Below the summary, there is the summary (or LinkedIn summary ). It can tell the visitor about himself: relevant experiences, passions, goals, skills, the activities carried out, and to whom one’s work may be helpful. 
  • In this space, it is good to insert keywords relating to one’s profession and to be clear about what one does, how, and why it is essential. It can be helpful to add a call to action.

The Importance Of URL Customization

Customizing a public profile URL allows others to identify you better and connect more easily. It must be unique and can be between 3 and 100 characters long with no spaces, symbols, or special characters. It is advisable to enter your first and last name and your profession.

Ask For And Show References

In your LinkedIn profile, you can add a space dedicated to references. You can show those issued by colleagues you work with or customers. Ask for them, as they help confirm the declared skills and give greater authority and reliability to the user.

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