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Cloud Security Is Essential For Organizational Growth

Cloud security is a strategic issue for companies to remain competitive in the market and thrive.  

With the popularization of cloud services, which emerged to store organizational data in a remote and secure location, digital protection has become essential for this information to be safe from malicious people. 

Neglecting cloud security can cause enormous losses for the company financially and in terms of image. 

In this article, we will present the main threats to cloud protection and tips to ensure the best cybersecurity practices. Follow! 

Top Cloud Security Dangers 

The investment in cloud security is significant for organizations to maintain their operations and grow in the market.  

After all, protection failures – from hacker attacks, errors and internal shortcomings, among other factors – generate several negative consequences for the company.  

Among them, we can mention the risk of losing intellectual property and penalties imposed by the  LGPD – General Data Protection Law,  for example.  

Among the greatest dangers to cloud security, according to the  annual report  of the CSA – Cloud Security Alliance, an institution dedicated to promoting greater digital security, we can highlight the following: 

  • Data breach  – cybercriminals are prepared to breach the environment of companies of all sizes, and if they succeed, they can cause various damages; 
  • Incorrect configuration  – may result in resources being deleted or modified, as well as operational disruption; 
  • Ineffective access control only takes an attacker to get a credential to wreak havoc. It is  essential to have quality control, limiting access to stored data to those who need it; 
  • Internal threats  – coming from employees with or without malicious intent, which can have serious consequences, such as breach/loss of information.  

Regarding data protection, prevention is always the best way out. Even because the resources in cloud computing are constantly evolving and, therefore, it is necessary to develop cyber protection as well.  

Public, Private And Hybrid Cloud: What About Digital Security? 

When we talk about cloud computing, we need to mention the public, private and hybrid cloud.  

Each of them, with its characteristics and advantages. And with a greater or lesser level of cloud security. 

Public clouds have digital protection features. However, they do not provide the same level of cyber protection found in private clouds.  

This is because all users share the same infrastructure, which can jeopardize the integrity of the information. 

With the private cloud, however, the infrastructure is dedicated to the needs of the business, increasing controls and security in the cloud. 

The hybrid cloud allows combining the benefits of a public cloud, where there is a lower cost and less security, with those of a private cloud. That is, the price is a little higher, but so is the level of protection! 

Therefore, some companies use the public cloud to store less sensitive data. At the same time, the company’s sensitive and more critical data is added to a private cloud. 

Faced with the challenge of choosing the best choice, the ideal is to talk to specialists in the cloud computing journey.  

They will study your business and develop the most cost-effective alternative for you. 

Tips For Greater Cloud Security 

How to have more excellent protection in your cloud environment? Here are three essential tips:  

Ensure Efficient Access Control

Nowadays, people can access information from any place and at any time, which is very welcome, especially in times of home office, a working modality that is on the rise.  

However, strict access control is essential, with real-time monitoring according to the needs for the development of each user’s tasks. 

Have A Security Policy And Train Employees

Many attacks focus on social engineering. That is, they use “unmissable” triggers and offers for the user to access a specific link or download a program that allows the invasion and theft of data. 

It is the famous phishing attack, which usually causes severe damage to the attacked organization. 

Thus, the company must have a well-developed digital security policy. And that it be clear and communicated to all users. 

In addition, employees must be aligned with cloud security protocols and have the necessary knowledge to avoid pitfalls. 

After all, cloud security is the responsibility of everyone using the environment. 

Count On An Expert In Cloud Security

Having a specialized company as a partner is a great way to ensure greater cloud security. 

Only experienced professionals have the necessary technical knowledge to articulate protection measures for the entire digital environment of the company. Not to mention that they are always up to date on cybercrime actions and the best solutions to combat it. 

From prevention to action planning in an eventual occurrence, these specialists are always prepared (and always ready) to offer the best digital protection.

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