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Channels And Tools That Create Engagement And Examples

Email Marketing

To create involvement, it is very useful to use email marketing as a communication tool. Email is a powerful means of communication, as it is an intimate place for people. When you reach it, you can be present in consumers’ lives and reach them with call-to-action messages that invite them to purchase or with important news and information regarding the product/service offered.

Furthermore, emails can be delivered on a large scale to many people and play an important role in the initial phase of getting to know the customer and in the conversion and retention phase. A fundamental aspect is the personalization of emails to make customers feel even more unique and close to the brand.

The Blog Section On The Website

Creating content and publishing it in a blog section on the company website can involve people with articles to comment on and unpublished information. In short, a way to interact further with them and strengthen the bond created.

Social Media

Social media presence is vital as people are increasingly active in online communities by liking, commenting, and sharing posts. If used correctly, social media allows you to communicate directly with users and create involvement. The latter can then translate into an increase in profits and popularity.

A Good Engagement Marketing Strategy

In order to create a good engagement marketing strategy, it is first of all important to know your target audience and define the buyer personas to know what characterizes them and communicate with them in the best possible way. This is accompanied by the quality of the content that is created: it is essential to create content based on the interests of your target and arouse their curiosity.

In this regard, it can be effective to create interactive video content that is quick to see even when little time is available. Furthermore, the brand must try to show everything that revolves around the business so customers will feel close and the distance will shorten, creating an even stronger bond.

Examples Of Engagement Marketing

Nike Plus

An example of engagement marketing comes from Nike, with a loyalty program tailored to its customers. Nike has decided to focus on customers already acquired through Nike Plus, which offers various advantages such as exclusive playlists on Apple Music or personalized promotions.

Therefore, it provides a mechanism of give and take. Users, for example, following a workout performed, can receive badges and rewards in exchange. Incentivizing and motivating them gives the brand a way to interact with them, engage them and maintain their loyalty and attachment to the brand.


An example of engagement marketing is the welcome email used by the Arteza brand, which has come to welcome, attract and engage its customers well. Arteza’s welcome email also focuses heavily on design, made up of bright colors in line with the brand’s values ​​and identity. A call to action also invites you to buy to get more points and an interactive and fun animated gif.


Personalizing content for your customers is a surefire weapon to make them feel special. Duolingo, one of the best-known language-learning platforms, focuses on this. Duolingo engages in personalized and intimate communication with people, sending emails to encourage their achievements or to encourage them.

Furthermore, the study of the language can be personalized by the user based on the goals he wants to achieve and his preferences. An experience in which customers feel completely involved.

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