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Battery Anxiety: Never Leave The House With Your Smartphone Under 20% Charge

Going out with your phone already with a dead battery increases anxiety. Three in four people (73%) say they would not leave the house if the battery were below 20%. Therefore, having a smartphone with a fast charge certainly helps prevent this from happening, even when we forget to recharge during the night.

For the launch of the OnePlus 10T 5G flagship, which can be fully recharged in just 19 minutes thanks to the 150W SUPER VOOC charging system, the OnePlus technology brand commissioned research noting that 5% of people say they suffer from headaches. Test if your phone has run out of battery while away from home. At the same time, nearly 1 in 10 (7%) admit that they cannot focus on anything else when the battery is about to run out.

And there are specific places and times when this stress hits the hardest: using Google Maps to navigate is at the top of the list with 45%, while 25% of people worry if their smartphone runs out while they’re out. Friends and a third of people surveyed (30%) feel disoriented if the battery bar turns red in the middle of a vacation. The study also revealed how essential mobile devices are for daily life: 61% of respondents admitted that their phone is an “indispensable” tool for modern life.

As for the gender gap, nearly one in five women (23%) admitted that it would be a problem if their phone drained during a date, potentially compromising the ability to share real-time updates with friends on how this is doing.

while only 7% of men have this concern. On public transport, on the other hand, for 38% of women (compared to 23% of men), traveling by train would be the wrong time to have a flat battery, and 22% of women (against 13% of men) say same for the bus, adding that these moments are ideal for listening to a podcast or for checking out social media.

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This research shows that it reassures us enormously to have a reliable charge, says Tuomas Lampen, European Head of Strategy at OnePlus: “Our brand new device, the OnePlus 10T 5G, provides up to one day of charge in just 10 minutes and can be fully recharged in just 19 minutes thanks to the 150W SUPER VOOC charging system, preventing people from being stuck at home waiting for their phone to come back to life. “

The research also found that three out of four people are amazed at how connected we are to technology today, with nearly half (46%) of respondents saying it would be strange to be without their phone, so much so that 68% don’t go out. Never at home without their phone to make sure they can quickly contact people, while 47% hate ​​being unavailable, especially in an emergency.

OnePlus also revealed a common remedy for our low battery problems: as many as 82% of respondents console themselves with the affection of their dogs or the cuddles of their cats to distract themselves from the absence of the phone while it is being charged. The OnePlus 10T 5G will go on sale from 25 August at http://www.oneplus.com/oneplus-10t, and those who buy the phone between that date and 29 August will receive a free pair of the OnePlus Buds Pro, the top wireless earphones of the OnePlus range. Additionally, those who swap their old phone will receive an additional $ 150 refund on top of the phone’s exchange value.

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