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Avatar Designer: How A Metaverse Professional Works

The avatar designer is tasked with digitally representing the users who populate the metaverse. Let’s find out more about one of the jobs of the future

Hand in hand with the development of the idea of ​​the metaverse, a series of works created to shape the vision of ​​Mark Zuckerberg became increasingly necessary. Among these is the avatar designer, who has the task of “populating” this virtual world, creating the digital representation of its inhabitants.

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In this new context, in addition to users, there will also be many secondary figures who will manage goods and services; in videogame jargon, they are called NPCs (non-player characters) and are nothing more than bots programmed to respond to or perform specific actions. These figures will move into the metaverse within a few years, so the avatar creator figure is considered one of the future professions.

Avatar Designer

Creating your avatar for the metaverse is a relatively simple matter. On the one hand, the web is full of sites and software that, with a few “simple” clicks, could give life to our virtual counterpart; on the other hand, it is also true that the work done by a professional avatar designer is an entirely different matter.

He is modelling a character, defining his shapes and colours, trying to make him as human as possible while indulging all the peculiarities of a virtual world.

These are the most complicated challenges that an avatar creator has to answer because if users are looking for a faithful representation of themselves, it is also true that in web 3.0, it is possible to be anyone.

A digital twin does not have to be specular, and every designer can use the style they prefer, even satisfying the most bizarre requests of users; after all, we are talking about a fictitious universe with no limit to imagination and creativity.

The metaverse is the perfect place for creatives because it allows them to express themselves to their full potential.

Generally, oddities aside, an avatar creator starts with a photograph or drawing; in this way, he can count on a solid foundation on which to model her character and look.

One step at a time, the features are created; the physicality and peculiarities of the person are to be represented. Once you have obtained a result that is as relevant (or as different, depending on the case), you can move on to the style and accessories that characterize it.

On a professional level, high-quality avatars are created with incredible fidelity in movements and expressions. As for the look, companies prefer standard models without too many excesses, but for those who want to wander in the metaverse, there are no limits to eccentricity.

Anything not designed and created on your avatar must be purchased separately. Accessories for avatars is one of the sectors that is having the most success in the metaverse, with many brands also “converting” to selling digital accessories and clothes. 

How To Become An Avatar Designer

To become an avatar creator, studies in technology for virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality, graphic and motion design, computer science, math and engineering are required. We must add 2D and 3D modeling and animation skills and use the leading graphics software.

As for NPCs, the necessary skills are more or less the same, with the addition of knowledge on User Interface, experience and design; interaction design; modeling and animation; storytelling in the case of avatars that have to perform specific actions. Vital creativity and a propensity towards the visual arts, such as drawing or painting, are also necessary in both cases.

The Types Of Avatars In The Metaverse

Each avatar of the metaverse could be potentially unique, as is each human being; on this point, the work of the avatar creator is based.

Excluding physical characteristics, there are well-defined types of avatars. Among these, we find the 2D avatars, among the first examples of inhabitants of this new digital world. These are essentially a “flat” representation of the user and are used within two-dimensional environments. 

3D avatars are the natural evolution of the sector, with three-dimensional characters who can turn the length and breadth of the metaverse with total autonomy. They are among the most natural forms of avatars and, probably, also those that will have greater diffusion.

VR avatars are designed to ensure a fully immersive experience. Precisely for this reason, they do not have a natural body but offer the user to explore what surrounds him with a first-person view. 

A fundamental discourse in the metaverse is to create a completely immersive experience. This is why some avatars allow users to observe the world firsthand.

Whole-body avatars are the most advanced models on the market, and use sensors positioned all over the body to “project” the entire user into the metaverse. This guarantees total fidelity in movements and interactions, even if generally speaking of high-cost devices that require an essential hardware sector. However, they represent a fundamental technology in the idea of ​​web3 and one of the most exciting trends for the future.

Whatever the type of avatar chosen to enter the metaverse, all these categories have two points in common: flexibility and customization. Each character must be “flexible enough” to move in this virtual world according to the rules by which he was conceived; therefore, he has no superpowers, but it will be necessary to deal with all the limits imposed by a flesh-and-blood body.

In terms of personalization, each avatar can be designed by the user by choosing looks, clothes and accessories to buy in the appropriate stores. In addition, it will also be possible to modify the physical characteristics of one’s digital representation, trying to be faithful to the original or, as far as possible, from oneself.

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