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Artificial Intelligence In The World Of Law

It is not news that artificial intelligence and the wave of digital transformation directly impact all areas of the economy with new practices and methods that offer more practicality to the process. Automation drives greater efficiency and is gaining ground in hitherto unexpected sectors – such as law.

The so-called “Lawtechs” are startups focused on offering solutions for the world of law that use artificial intelligence and process automation tools to improve the sector’s productivity. With the immense volume of data from the Brazilian judiciary, investing in this field has become an excellent opportunity to offer intelligent tools for a hitherto unexpected area.

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The Landscape Of Artificial Intelligence

The topic of artificial intelligence is not new – starting with the old science fiction films that already approached machines and robots that thought like humans and helped them in day-to-day tasks or waged apocalyptic wars that impacted humanity and reached the most current ones. , which brings a reality of total integration between men and machines.

Artificial intelligence is a wide field of academic studies for the development of intelligent agents which can perceive the environment around them and perform actions according to this perception. In addition to this insight, you can take action to maximize your chances of success in this new environment.

Fields Of Action Of Artificial Intelligence

The fields of action of artificial intelligence are diverse, being significantly boosted in recent years with the development of the study on Machine Learning algorithms (in Portuguese, Aprendizagem de Máquina). As a great example, autonomous cars can learn throughout the process of driving the vehicle how the surrounding environment is through cameras and sensors, taking actions based on algorithms and intelligent systems.

Not only highly innovative and technological tools that take advantage of artificial intelligence. Microsoft recently announced that its online document editing software, Word Online, will have artificial intelligence-based features. These resources will help the user suggest expressions in the text and format adjustments, analyze the text content in real-time to offer tips, and write alternatives for complex sentences.

Lawtechs And The Application Of Artificial Intelligence In The World Of Law

The application of artificial intelligence in  Word Online is already a great example of how a sector that until then had already been stabilized can enjoy the benefits of integration with more innovation and technology tools. The world of law is no different – ​​with the immense size of the Brazilian judiciary, any technique or system that offers more efficiency and productivity already offers excellent gains in general.

Lawtechs are startups created with a focus on solving or alleviating a problem, specifically in the world of law, promoting a significant transformation in the sector. With this new focus on developing intelligent systems, the market began to realize that the world of law is hungry for innovation that positively impacts its indicators.

In Brazil, the numbers reach more than 100 million active processes. In the legal sectors of small, medium, and large companies, it is common to complain about the excessive workload and the high volume of demand. This requires a lot of management from the company’s teams of lawyers and employees, impairing the administration and control of data and valuable information to the business.

Actual Applications Of Technology In The World Of Law

Like any artificial intelligence model, applications in the world of law depend on a large body of knowledge and training with actual use cases. One of the applications developed by Lawtech is based on guiding the company’s legal strategy to win as many cases as possible. The startup Enlighten created a solution based on artificial intelligence with a lawsuit database and judicial data. It can suggest the chances of winning specific actions, taking into account the court that is judging it.

Being able to identify winning theses and the jurisprudence that is in effect at that moment, the system analyzes the legal piece and says the best argument to maximize the chances of victory. Companies are already using this solution and claim that using the intelligent system helps direct the company’s legal strategy.

Another actual application of technology in the development of intelligent systems is the startup Linte, which operates in the intelligent management of the workflow and control of activities, the automation and systematization of data management, and also in the generation of insights based on the analysis of the data obtained for increase the efficiency of corporate legal departments.

Another critical point is the change of environment in the legal department, which is usually conservative and bureaucratic – becoming more efficient and automated, even improving the sense of purpose of professionals in the area. Automating document management is a great way to show that technology can act at different points, from operational to strategic.

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