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Apps For Video Calling, Which Ones To Choose

A determination of the best video calling applications for video conferencing in an expert setting and, most importantly, in a confidential setting to converse with companions and family members. Our different articles have zeroed in on the best applications for video conferencing and online gatherings.

If you want to begin a gathering video call, what are the best administrations and the most useful applications?

There are numerous applications for video calls. As occurred for applications expected principally for experts and organizations, they have been improved with new elements, supporting an ever expanding number of members lately. Christmas 2020 will be more “simple” than any other time, and video calling applications will offer important assistance to keep in contact with loved ones in such a troublesome second. 

Subsequently, we present beneath the best video calling applications: in all cases, they are free arrangements, and some are additionally multiplatform and appropriated as open-source items. In our concise outline, you will see that, for instance, there is no Zoom. We favor video calling applications that can be utilized from a cell phone and an internet browser, work area and scratch pad. 

The explanation is straightforward: a PC screen permits you to settle on suitable choices and keep noticeable all the video transfers from every member in the gathering.

Albeit on the versatile side, Zoom is easy to utilize and prompt to utilize, introducing explicit client programming is expected on the PC. The connection Zoom produces for admittance to the “room” where members are united can’t be overseen exclusively from the program.

Devices, for example, Google Pair and Facebook Rooms, which base their procedure on utilizing the coordinated WebRTC APIs and are upheld by the primary internet browsers, can be taken advantage of on a PC without introducing any extra parts: neither program expansions nor “impromptu” programs.

Moreover, we have purposely excluded names like WhatsApp, Wire and Transmission. The initial two are very notable and valued in informing clients. Yet, in none of the three, overseeing video calls from the Internet utilizing just the program is conceivable. Then again, as of late, Signal coordinated start-to-finish encoded bunch calling into installable clients on Android and iOS: Signal start-to-finish scrambled bunch video calling.

Jitsi Meet

An extremely interesting project is Jitsi Meet: free and open source; it allows you to make calls and video calls without registering or proceeding with the installation of any program. Jitsi is a rising star when it comes to corporate communication because anyone can set up his video conferencing server: Video conferencing server: how to create your own in the cloud. However, this is a solution that private users can also use. 

To try it, connect to this page, assign a name (preferably a little complex) to the virtual room that will welcome the participants, and then click on Start Meeting. You can also install the dedicated Jitsi application on mobile devices: Video conferencing and online meetings with the open-source solution Jitsi Meet. Jitsi includes screen sharing, presentation playback, collaborative document editing, and an integrated chat. The maximum limit in terms of participants is 75.

Google Meet And Google Duo

As long as the Coronavirus pandemic lasts, Google has guaranteed to make its Meet platform usable by all users, even private individuals, without limitations. Until yesterday, only business users had the right to create video conferences on Meet. In contrast, holders of normal Google user accounts were only allowed to participate in meetings organized by other parties.

Until March 31, 2021, anyone can create new Meet meetings without suffering from any limitation regarding the maximum duration of video calls: Google Meet, unlimited video conferencing until March 2021. There is also the possibility of inviting up to 100 people, even with free accounts.

Just visit the Google Meet home and copy the meeting URL and then share it with the guests.

In the article Meet Google: everyone can organize video conferences for Free, we presented a guide for setting up and using Google’s solution. Meet is available for Android and iOS and is accessible via web browser on any computer. In addition to communicating and collaborating securely, it offers additional features such as integration with Gmail, noise reduction and the ability to share individual tabs.

Partially overlapping Google Duo is a product aimed primarily at consumer users. Hence, for example, with Duo, you can also send video messages and activate nice effects (for some time now during video calls) that use augmented reality. Try to touch the Effects icon on the right. You will instantly be placed in virtual environments or transformed into animated characters (if you try to move your mouth or close your eyes, they will follow your facial expressions).

Proposing more for “mass” use than Meet, Google Duo recently raised the maximum number of participants for group video calls to 32. Furthermore, the possibility of using the application from a web browser has been officially activated. Google Duo, compatible with Android, iOS, web browsers and Chrome OS, was created by Justin Uberti (responsible for the WebRTC communication standard) and was born as an alternative to FaceTime and everything developed around messaging services.

Facebook Rooms

All participants must have a Google account to use tools like Meet and Duo. Facebook subscribers can alternatively use Facebook Rooms. Alternatively, go to messenger.com, login, and click the Create a new room icon at the top. The link that will be generated can also be shared with users who are not registered on the social network and who do not use Facebook Messenger. 

Group video calls can be organized by inviting up to 50 participants. In addition to the web version of Facebook Rooms, you can use the updated Facebook Messenger clients for Android and iOS or the applications installed on Windows (available on the Microsoft Store) and macOS desktop and notebook systems.

Skype Meet Now

With Skype Meet Now, the Redmond company wants to make its software even more immediate, given that it has lost its appeal to users for some time now. Meet Now helps organize video calls with a maximum number of participants equal to 50. However, its main prerogative is the possibility of starting video calls without requiring registration. 

While using a Microsoft account is recommended, even the person initiating the video call doesn’t need one. Meet Now, which can be used from a web browser, is compatible with the Skype app installed on Windows, macOS, Linux, Android and iOS devices: it can also be used to manage links received from other users. Otherwise, copy the URL into the browser address bar, authorize using the webcam and microphone and join the video call.

Cisco Webex

Cisco is a name generally associated with commercial products usually beyond the reach of home users. However, the company also offers a solution like Webex, which is robust and free.

It allows you to host up to 100 participants in a single video call without imposing time restrictions. 

There is also no limit to the number of calls you can make, and with a free account, you get 1GB of cloud storage. During video calls, activating functions such as sharing the screen, files and folders and recording the video session is possible. Webex allows users in 52 countries to use a standard telephone to join meetings. To download Webex, you can refer to the official website choosing between the mobile applications (Android and iOS), the desktop and web versions.


If you are looking for a secure and private alternative that is not part of a company’s business, Tox is an attractive option. It is an open-source product presented with a phrase that leaves no room for ambiguous interpretations: ” Toz is developed by people who are fed up with the existing options that spy on us, follow us, censor us and prevent us from innovating “.

This tool for making video calls, certainly less known than the others, is distributed in two versions qTox and uTox. 

The first is the complete application with all the features; the other has been designed to be as light as possible. You can freely choose your preferred one according to the hardware configuration of your system. Tox is distributed in versions for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS. The application (all Tox clients can be downloaded for free from these pages ) allows you to manage video calls, voice calls, screen sharing and any file.

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