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Apple VR Headset Was Delayed Again When It Could Arrive

Development of Apple’s mixed reality headset is slow. The unavailability of some components postpones the debut to the end of 2023

The phantom headset for the Cupertino company’s mixed reality has been discussed for some time. Apple has been working on this gadget for years and will probably launch the wearable in 2023, hypothetically in the middle of the year, at least until recently. 

Everything seemed ready, but a new report on the net suggests that the expensive headset is suffering significant structural repercussions due to the unavailability of some components and unspecified software problems.

Apple Was On The Right Track

So far, everything pointed to a debut in early 2023. Indeed, recently, Apple’s plans for augmented and virtual reality have been in the spotlight, with the news of creating an entirely new operating system called reality OS, which will likely form the basis of a large ecosystem of products.

In addition to the headset, experts expect Apple to launch an intelligent ring as part of a larger metaverse of mixed-reality products.

But The Launch Of The Mixed Reality Headset Has Been Delayed Again

According to the note shared on Twitter by industry analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the mass shipment schedule for major components is planned for the first quarter of 2023. Still, customer deliveries have been delayed from the second quarter to the second half of 2023. ‘year.

In the Twitter thread, mainly focused on the impact of the delay by the supplier companies of some components, Kuo cites unspecified software problems as the reason for the postponement of the date.

As a result, fewer than 500,000 headsets will be shipped in 2023, nearly half the previous estimate of 800,000-1.2 million headsets.

The Risk Of A Premature Announcement

At the moment, there are no additional details or precise information on what the real problem is. Experts are waiting to see what Cupertino will do because a massive gap between the unveiling and launch could be detrimental to marketing efforts and, in turn, sales.

Apple will hold a launch event in January 2023. However, that would mean an even longer gap between the announcement and the first deliveries. The company has already been burned by reports too early compared to the previous year—actual availability of its products. However, Apple has unveiled major products like iPhone and Apple Watch several months before launch to avoid leaks and to keep developers on board.

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