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App Creation Costs And Why An Activity Should Create It

This article will analyze the app creation costs and their advantages. Apps have become indispensable tools for users and companies intending to enter the market. If you have your brand and want to grow it, you can’t help but develop a dedicated App. The world of apps is accessible to any user, but if you are the one addressing users, things get more complicated.

For this, it is essential to contact the sector experts who know more than you in terms of Apps and how they are built, with “tailor-made” applications for a particular customer with defined commercial characteristics. Most people have no idea of ​​the app creation costs related to the concept and development of a mobile app to serve their brand or company. Let’s say right away that there is no tariff or fixed price; the cost depends on multiple factors that must be considered for their proper weight.

Generalizing, and by a lot, a mobile application designed and created to measure for a specific operating system can cost a price ranging from 5,000 Euros up to 50,000 Euros. As can be seen, it is an extensive range, but it can give an idea of ​​the order of magnitude of what we are talking about. With more knowledge and defining the variables involved, the estimate can be refined, and a more precise idea can be obtained.

The Determining Factors For The Cost Of An App

The development of an App requires the knowledge of many factors to take into account; the characteristics that influence the cost for the development of Apps in Android and iOS mobile environments are, in fact, many; the more the App is complex, therefore precise and reliable and made to measure, the higher the cost will be.

It is assumed that it is essential to have clear ideas before starting the construction of an app.

It would help if you considered: who is your target audience; what functions the App must contain; maybe an antivirus for iPhone or Android; for which operating system you want to make it; which technology infrastructure is the best that the app needs.

The average time needed to build an app is a few months, three or more for 80 percent of cases; 40 percent of patients require a development time of more than six months. That’s right, both the development of the features and the graphic creation take a lot of time; it is now clear that the more complex the product, the more time it takes to develop, and consequently, the cost of the application will be higher.

Consider that for the simplest apps or for those that are relatively standardized, the time required for their development is around a month, while those that are still simple but tailor-made need work that is close to three months. It should also be considered that an app may need to be fixed immediately; therefore, more time will be required to fix any bugs and make the appropriate corrections. Once the personalized App is constructed, it must be submitted to the stores to become usable for all potential customers.

Costs And Required Permits

Even in this context, it takes time to acquire the essential authorizations and see your App in the App Store, in the iOS environment, or Google Play in the Android environment.It is good to know that in these contexts, the controls and quality standards that the stores demand to obtain the publication of your App are preparatory. After obtaining the approval and the subsequent publication in the stores, the app creation costs still need to be finished. 

The maintenance of an app implies other costs. These costs are necessary to maintain: a network service and server space, certificates to send “push” notifications, bug checking and fixing, the cost of APIs for any third parties, assistance, and updates in case of new versions of operating systems. Industry experts have estimated that the average annual cost of maintaining an app can be 10 percent of the development cost.

App Creation Costs For The Android Environment

By giving a concrete example, you can get a more realistic idea of ​​the cost of a mobile application. Let’s take as a reference a company that wants to create its dedicated App, which can support its customers and facilitate their purchases using a smartphone and tablet.

Let’s also consider a high-quality application integrated with the company’s site and developed only for Android.

You want a customized interface rather than a graphical, simple, and schematic one.

An app that will have to be optimized to support e-commerce managed by mobile devices, i.e., making purchases via phone and tablet apps. Let’s assume a login system via email and social networks; users must register to access. An administration panel is also included, and we develop the App only in Italian.

With the characteristics above, such an application developed only for Android must support an average cost ranging from 20,000 Euros to 25,000 Euros. By varying the above characteristics, there could be a significant variation in the price; for example, if you decide to develop it in more than two languages, the cost would increase on average by 2,500 Euros compared to the abovementioned costs.

iOS App Creation Costs

The price will remain the same if you intend to develop the same application with identical features for the iOS system. The difference between the two systems consists only of the “language.” The work is the same, although some experts believe there are some difficulties in addition to the iOS language. However, an app developed for iOS only is quoted below. 

You always want a high-quality app with a customized interface; in this case, you don’t need the M-commerce system, but it will be a free app. It is always integrated with the company’s website and will contain a login system via social media and email, always with registration but without any administration panel. An Italian-only app will still be chosen, and the cost for this App with these characteristics, developed for iOS only, will range between 16,000 Euros and 20,000 Euros. If you want to have it very simple, the cost could drop by around 2,000/3,000 Euros.

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